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2 Mins Read Aug 05, 2021

Make An Extra 6 Figs / Month By Selling LESS?

Not everyone on your list is ready to buy. …Especially those who just opted in. But as direct-response marketers, we like to go straight for the jugular. Which means too often sending fresh leads a bunch of emails riddled with links that drive them…

2 Mins Read Aug 05, 2021

14 Steps To Boost Upsell Conversions Up To 70%

When it comes to writing a sales page… Copywriters and marketers follow all sorts of guidelines, templates, blueprints, frameworks, formulas, and beyond. In other words: the tried and true methods that get results. But when it comes to upsells?…

2 Mins Read Aug 05, 2021

55% Open Rates While Sending MILLIONS Of Emails?!?

I was shocked when I heard this… But this past January alone, financial publisher, Legacy Research, sent millions of emails to a list with about 315,000 people. The average open rate? A whopping 55%! Needless to say, it’s quite an accomplishment…

2 Mins Read Aug 05, 2021

Turn A Losing Campaign Into A Winner

Ever launch a marketing campaign that didn’t meet your expectations? You’re not alone… I’ve been there (more than I care to admit). And recently, Kim Walsh Phillips — who’s one of the world’s top social media strategists — had the…

< 1 Mins Read Aug 05, 2021

My Top 10 Entrepreneurship Lessons

Howdy y’all, Change of plans today… Since Rich is still in California for some high-level networking with friends, competitors, and several of the biggest names in Internet marketing… I’m cancelling our typical Tuesday livestream. …But…

2 Mins Read Aug 05, 2021

Why I Won’t Pay For Business Audits

Have you ever been offered an “audit” by a business consultant? In other words… They want to interview you and your staff… review your products, marketing, operations, and finances… and then provide you with a comprehensive list of all the…

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